Monday, 28 July 2014

Drora's gifts

Hello Everyone :) Sorry I am a little late showing my next lot of gifts. We are painting some rooms at the moment (well my hubby is painting and I am watching lol ) and I had to search for my camera :D  It means though that I cant even get near my house so that will have to wait.
These wonderful gifts came from one of the kindest and most thoughtful ladies in blogland.
Yes they are from Drora.
There was 2 bars but one couldn't wait for the photo and the other disappeared after this was taken lol
The wonderful card in the background was also from Drora.

I love this little dog with his very own beautiful basket.
And the fantastic chair matches. I also got one of her famous teapots.

Beautiful lamp and some little teddies.

I love this bag perfect for the beach with a great magazine already packed. Her mats are beautiful and I know just where this one will go :)

This tiny egg is wonderful.

Thank you so very much my dear friend. I treasure your gifts and your friendship it is very dear to me.
I was very scared of the internet when I first "met" it but it has brought me so much treasured friendships and so much love and support So thank you All very Much.
Big Warm Hugs to all my Friends.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

More B-day gifts

Hello everyone : ) Today I want to show you the Birthday gifts from a very talented wonderful friend.
Fabiola sent me these beautiful gifts.
A beautiful  white doily a silver star.
This amazing tiny blue embroidered butterfly on a ribbon frame. I love this tiny piece of art. 

A wonderful tray with a beautiful silver teapot and teacup and a beautiful little napkin.

Thank you very much Faby I love your wonderful treasured gifts and your friendship it means so much to me.
More wonderful gifts in my next post. Lucky me ; D
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and if its too hot that it cools a little for you :)
Wishing you all a wonderful week. Big Hugs to all my Friends.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Birthday gifts

Hello my friends :) I want to show you all the wonderful Birthday gifts that I received from friends I like to give each one their own post so I will start with the first gifts received :). I am sure that as soon as you see the first picture you will know who sent them :D
Yes ALL these are from Jennifer and wow did she spoil me. Jennifer is one of the most thoughtful generous bloggers and everything she chooses is done with love and care. Some close ups of all the fabulous gifts I was so lucky to receive.
This fantastic flask looks so real.

Wonderful cookery books.

Iced cookie's and a delicious chocolate cake. 

Some of these snowmen will go on my real tree at Christmas they are so cute. 

Cute toys and a lovely cat family.

This gorgeous perfume bottle and little blue heart.

A beautiful rug.

And one of my favorite this tiny bear he is gorgeous. 

As you can see there is lots more. A pair of her beautiful rubber gloves a lovely blue pram bottles of nail art and one of her fantastic cards. Thank you Jennifer for all these wonderful treasures. 
Jennifer's friendship is the best treasure that she has given me.
Thank you all for making my Birthday so special.
Big Hugs to All my Friends.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Giveaway winners

Hello everyone :) Its time for my giveaway results :)))) The first out is.

Congratulations Lisa You get to choose which of the 2 prizes you would like. Please send me your address :)
Next winner is.

Tatiana I will send you the other set :)
Lol I can never leave it at 2 so I pulled 2 more and each of  these will receive a knitted gift also.
Giac  and Melli congratulations to you both.
But because I want to Thank you all for being such wonderful blog friends I decided that I would pull a few names from the friends that have been regulars and such a wonderful support to me.
Here are the winners. 
So Birgit  Carmen  Caroline of Cinderella moments Ilona and Mely Mel please send me your addresses Birgit I have yours :) I will send you all a little knitted item.
Thank you all for taking part in my giveaway.
I will show all the wonderful gifts that I received in my next posts ;)

I had a wonderful Birthday my family sent me to a beautiful Hotel for the night and I celebrated in style lol.
Thank you all for being here and for all the wonderful friendships.
Big Warm Hugs to all my Friends