Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hello everyone :) A few days ago I received yet another wonderful birthday gift from the birthday swap. This time all the way from Romania  Simona sent me all these beautiful gifts.
Beautiful rug hat plates to decorate myself a wonderful cake and lots of other little items :)

Beautiful bird and a fantastic book for customers orders perfect for my shop. Than you so much Simona  for your wonderful and thoughtful gifts. I love them all.  
One of my daughters also gave me these beautiful items.

 I adore the chair with its lovely bright colours. The baby chair is so cute. Thank you sweetheart :)
I want to also show you a little more of my shop this time the dress side. This is my hat display. The white one  is a white hat Jennifer sent me and I dressed it up so it could be worn with the beautiful wedding dress Jennifer also sent to me as a gift.
The first two  hats were also gifts that I got some time ago from Pillar ( Segmentito)and now at last I can put them in the place I had planed for them :) The pink one is the hat I won in Juani's giveaway. I am very happy with my hat collection :D  I also found this sofa and thought it would be perfect for shoppers to sit on while trying shoes on or for friends to sit and wait while they tried items on lol. 
Its really a ring holder that I found for 3 euro's It looks so elegant with its black and white. I put a few cushions on it. I will show some more pictures of the shop next post. 
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
Hugs to all my Friends.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hello everyone :) I hope you are all well and enjoying the "summer" weather  : D  Well lucky old me is still receiving birthday gifts  from my birthday swap. This time from the very talented  hands of Karin a wonderful  friend. Karin has spoiled me with all these beautiful gifts.
Wonderful items each one so beautiful and thoughtful like herself :) She even made me a tiny map of Ireland and one of my home town wow how cool and thoughtful was that. Here is a close up of some of  her gifts look at them perfect eggs and melon.
Karin Thank you so very much I love your gifts. I will have great fun putting them in my houses.
 I am enjoying all my treasures so much because I know that each and every gift has been made with love.
Thank you all. 
I have been doing a little more with my shop I have made this stand and made scarf's and bags to hang from it. I think it turned out rather well lol.

I have also put some of my gifts in the shop.

I hope you like :) I am still working on the other part of the shop so no pictures yet.
Have a great rest of week.
Hugs to all my friends.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Hello everyone :) A big welcome to all my new followers I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope to see!!! you again :) I received another of my birthday gifts today this time from Germany Sandra from Samirasminis sent me these wonderful gifts.
Wow Sandra these are amazing. Can you see that fantastic tiny snail. ( my son was very impressed :D ) I love them Thank you very much for these lovely treasures. Lol I for sure think I will have to do a witchy!! or wizardy scene :D 
I also got a wonderful extra gift from Sandra's  almost 4 year old daughter Jenny :)
Its beautiful thank you very much sweetheart. I will hang the painting in my childs bedroom xxxx

I also received my winning gift from Juani I won one of her beautiful hats.
Not only did she send me this but she also very generously sent me these gifts also.

Thank you so very much Juani I love them. They will be perfect in my shop where you will all see them soooooon :D D I think I am one of the happiest bloggers at the moment thanks to you all :)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and anyone that wants rain please feel free to take some of ours in exchange for some of your sun lol
Hugs to all my friends.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Birthday swap

Hello everyone :) Today I have a special post as its my Birthday  and the postman has been extra extra busy ( this time I know you will be jealous Piikko ;) ) I have been overwhelmed with the beautiful wonderful gifts that I have received. I think it has been the most exciting birthday I have had since I was a child :0 I want to thank you all very very much for making it such a special one. I would like to say a special thanks to Kaisa for organizing this wonderful fun birthday swap.
From Faby these  wonderful so tiny cross stitch wall hangings. The cork board even has a tiny shopping list lol yummy chocolates and she even sent me items for my kitchen.
Thank you Faby I love them.
Cristina sent me these beautiful gifts wonderful plants one in a beautiful basket and more fantastic items for my shop.Thank you Cristina  for your very beautiful gifts.
From Rosella I got all these. The cross stitch cushion and towels are amazing and she packaged them beautifully in a bag with M cross stitched on it. The little umbrella opens and closes. I love the set of glasses :)
Thank you very much Rosella for these wonders.
Gill sent me wonderful little pillows little rolls of ribbon a box full of wonderful pictures and cards and beautiful heart shaped wall hangings. One will go into my shop and the other I will put in my house :) 
I love your gifts Thank you so much Gill 
Teruka sent me a wonderful chest with beautiful treasures inside. The books are fantastic and are giving me ideas for another project lol though it will have to wait in line : D 
Thank you Teruka for such wonderful gifts.
These fantastic gifts are from Kaisa wow I love the garden sign. The cushions and tray is beautiful. The menu board is wonderful and will be perfect in my Cafe.
Thank you Kaisa for these beautiful gifts I love them.
From my dear friend Drora I was spoiled look at all the fantastic gifts she sent me. I love the red chairs beautiful jewelry and bag for my shop. The water cooler will be a great item for my Cafe. 
Thank you  Drora for your wonderful gifts.
Everyone has been so generous and thoughtful.
A few gifts haven't arrived yet so the postman still has a bit of work to do hehe. It also means that I get to celebrate my birthday a little longer :D.I will show you them as soon as they arrive :)
My only regret is that my pictures do not do all these wonderful treasures justice.
I want to Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their beautiful  thoughtful gifts and wonderful emails and well wishes you have made this a very very special birthday.
Have a wonderful rest of week.
Hugs to ALL my FRIENDS xxxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Hello everyone :)  Sorry all ( especially Piikko ;) )   but I am going to make you jealous  lol because my postman has been again :)) He has been busy all week hehe but this post I can only tell you about one of the packages. I cant tell you about the rest or even open them till Tuesday : D This one was sent to me by a very dear wonderful friend  though we have never (yet) met. Her name is Blanca and she makes amazing beautiful flowers. I have been lucky enough to already own some of her flowers but being the generous lady she is she sent me some more.

The yellow roses are so perfect.

A wonderful strawberry plant with delicious looking strawberries. 

Than you very very much Blanca I love all these flowers. I also love the pots and vases they are in. 
I have a project in mind for all my wonderful plants and flowers that friends have sent me.
I feel very lucky to have made soooo many wonderful friends here :) 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all my FRIENDS. 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hello everyone :) Today I have an update on my shop. This is the display shelves that I made I have again filled it with gifts and things I have made.
A closer look :)

Here it is in the shop.

I am almost finished this side of the shop and I am quite pleased with how it has turned out. I hope to show it complete!!  very soon and then I can get on with the dress side :) I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my shop :)  
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that July will be a wonderful month ( specially as its my birthday this month lol )  
Good Luck to both teams playing the football  finals tonight.
Hugs to all my friends