Monday, 27 February 2012

Hello everyone :) First a big welcome to my new followers I hope you enjoyed your visit. This post as promised is to show you the beautiful gifts i won from Mieke  petitevictorianrose.  I was so happy to win her prize. Look at these treasures.
They came in this beautiful box.
They are all so beautiful. The old photographs are so pretty and the hat pins are amazing. I love the crochet lace it will make a wonderful table cloth ?

This lovely lady was very generous and also sent me these beautiful images and a gorgeous card. Mieke  Thank you very much I love my gifts some more wonderful treasures. My pictures do not do them justice.
The other day i felt like doing a bit of sewing so went through my fabric stash but instead of doing something girly I thought for a change I would do a more masculine bed cover and so this is what i made. 
I also made this one its smaller for a single bed or a childs room.

I hope you like. :)

I was also very surprised and pleased when i won another award this time from Valerie Thank you so much Valerie for thinking of me. She has a wonderful blog and makes a lot of different things.
This award I give to all of you as you all deserve it for all the wonderful amazing things you make and for being the wonderful people you are. My blog would be nothing without you.
Have a great week and for all those that are unwell wishing you a speedy recovery.
Hugs to all my friends.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Hello everyone a little while ago Jennifer from Plushpussycat asked me to do a swap with her. I as you can imagine was very happy to agree. As it turned out we both posted our gifts the same day lol. I was so happy when my gifts arrived in the USA yesterday so fast. But yay my gifts arrived today. Gosh and what a parcel it was the poor postman had to struggle up the path haha. Seriously though it was a big parcel with so many beautiful treasures. Fist i want to apologize for the picture they do not do the gifts justice. Picture taking is not my strong point :-D  So here are the ( bad) pictures.
Beautiful baby things.
Wonderful hat and stand and the beautiful corset that Jennifer made.These will be great for my shop.
She also made this lovely tray and perfumes.
All these beautiful gifts. But the best gift is her friendship.
I was also lucky enough to receive one of her beautiful card.
Thank you very much Jennifer I love all your gifts you have been very generous. You are a wonderful person and i am proud to have you as a friend. I will enjoy putting these treasures in my houses. Lol as usual I forgot to take pictures of the gifts I sent to Jennifer so if you would like to see them go visit her fantastic blog. Her picture taking is sooo much better than mine : D
My houses are real treasures as they have so many fantastic amazing treasures from so many wonderful people from swaps and wins.
I can not say it enough how many wonderful people i have found here in blog land. The friendships the encouragement and the trust from SO many people. Thank you all.
My next post will be to show you the beautiful gifts i won from Mieke.
Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to all my friends.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello everyone I hope you are all having a great week. Mine started well as i received some post. A gift i had won before Christmas from Niina Beautiful gifts a wonderful  picture painted by herself and oo so tiny paper doll I loved these as a child so they gave me many happy memories.

Thank you Niina they are beautiful i also love the card and the tiny little one.
I have been working on my bathroom. I had this little sink in my stash its from the" Sylvanian family" and I thought it might fit in the bathroom better it was brown plastic so i painted it blue ( I forgot to take a picture of the before ) lol I can see from the pictures that it needs a bit more work on it but i like the size better I put the mirror tiles on it and the same paper as the walls. I have also put a few more things in the bathroom still lots more to do but i am getting there : D I at last feel that i will get this house finished ! 

I have put a few of my treasured gifts in here and i have more in other rooms. I will show them when i have a little more done. I hope you like. Thank you all for your visits and all the wonderful comments I enjoy reading them very much.
Have a great rest of the week. Hugs to all my friends

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello everyone  :) A big welcome to all my new followers Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you all for the lovely comments left on my last posts. Just a word about the wall paper in my bathroom as a few people admired it its wrapping paper a gift for my grandson was wrapped in it and i grabbed it before it was binned lol. I am still working on this room and hope to have something to show soon :D
I am taking part in the Birthday swap run by Kaisa The first birthday girl was Rosella it was her birthday yesterday and this is what i sent her. The little box has some jewelry in it.
She got lots of beautiful gifts from other blog friends. Go to her blog to see all her wonderful birthday gifts.
 Lol i have to wait till July for mine.
Thank you Kaisa  for organizing this wonderful swap. 
I hope everyone is well and those that are not that they are better soon. Have a great rest of week. 
Hugs to all my friends.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hello everyone This post for me is very emotional as again i have received awards. I can not thank you people enough.  I feel so grateful to all you people that have enriched my life and the awards is telling me that i have touched your lives too. I feel like i have real friends in so many Countries. Both say that i have to give to others. But as so many of you have found its very hard to choose just a few blogs from the so many fantastic ones. The last two awards i gave to you all. These two i have decided  to give to people.
This is my award from Amary  Thank you so much Amary I am grateful to you for thinking of me. 

1 Kikka   she has a wonderful blog and is a wonderful person.
2 Giac If you havent seen this blog yet be prepared to be amazed.
3 Ewa You can feel her warm heart just visiting her blog.
4 Victoria A wonderful person whos welcome is as big as her heart
5 Anna Who has always been so friendly and helpful.
You all deserve this award and i know a lot of you got awards so i would like to let a few others know that they have touched and enriched my life.
 My other award came from a lady i have admired for  a long time and was touched by her comment about me on her blog. Thank you very much Maribel Your award means a lot to me.                            
 1 Karin  Who has  been a wonderful friend to me thank you.
2 Birgit Whos beautiful bear flutterby has put his paw print on my heart.
3 Margriet who talent is as big as her sense of fun.
4 Jennifer  Whos stories and welcome is always a pleasure.                         
5 Maria and her mother They are both a wonderful insperation to me.
6  Blanca who does such beautiful flowers with a heart that is just as beautiful.
This has been a hard task as there are sooo many wonderful blogs and friends. Kisses to all.
I promise for the next post it will be minis lol. My daughter and Grandson are hoping to move out very soon so i will have a little more time and some room to work hehe Though i will miss them both.
Thank you all for your visits comments awards and most of all your friendship.
Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs to all my friends.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hello all :) Just a short post to say Thank You to Mary from For giving me this wonderful award. Thank you Mary for thinking of me.

I find it very difficult to pick just 15 so this award is for all you wonderful people out there because without you there would be no point in this blog So a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.
Hugs to all my friends.

Friday, 3 February 2012

New Years Resolution

Hello everyone  :) A Big Hello to all my new followers wow 269 seems like only yesterday I had 5 lol Thank you all for following, visiting and commenting. I like a lot of you made a New Years resolution to finish something *grin* Mine was to !! finish!! the cottage Though i am finding that you are never !! finished! a house lol. I got stuck on this cottage because the one room left to do was a bit big for a bathroom it just never looked right. So i left it for a while then one day it came to me to make 2 small rooms lol yea i am a bit slow with ideas hehe. So now i have a nice size bathroom and a small store room. I still have lots to do but at least i am doing ! it  :)
Here are a few pictures. Its not perfect but then neither am I hehe Please let me know what you think.

I am not sure about the sink in the bathroom I think it looks a little big so will have to try other ideas. I am rather pleased with the store room . I am sure I will find lots more to put in it lol.  I do believe this is one resolution i might keep lol.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend Stay warm :)
Hugs to all my friends